S&E 2 Bldg, RM 313

5200 North Lake Rd.

Merced, CA 95348

Research focus is in database systems and machine learning. Special topics include query optimization, cardinality estimation, join operator algorithms and plan enumeration.

Looking for Spring/Summer Internship 2021 in:
query optimization and machine learning.

PhD student (08/2018-Current)
EECS Department at UC Merced
Supervised by Florin Rusu
Merced, California, USA

Master’s Degree (01/2016-05/2018)
Computer Engineering at Iowa State University
Supervised by Srikanta Tirthapura
Thesis Project
Ames, Iowa, USA

Bachelor’s Degree (09/2009-06/2013)
Information Systems at International IT University
Almaty, Kazakhstan